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本装置の特性はパドル型風力装置にネオジウム磁石を使用し低速の風に対し発電効果を高めた装置である。 低速の風によって翼の特殊性を生かし推力、揚力、浮力を利用し低速の風で回転を




プロペラ型発電装置はセンサーを使い風方向に方向を向けて風を活用するが風を拾いきれない場合 活用できないことがあり効果が期待できないことがある。


本装置は3 m以上から十分に発電し風向による不安定さは金 く ない。(別紙添付実測データー參照)

回転時に発生する風切り音や動力の稼働音など騒音についてはネオジウム磁石の効果でほとんど 騒音は発生しない。

回転部分は接触可動部が少なく摩耗などの劣化時間が遅く標準的な装置と比較すると2倍以上の劣化時間が 少なくて済む。

本装置は特殊な翼型羽根を要し低速の風により回転を始め回転時に風の流れを次の翼型羽根へ回転の 力に変換し継続して次々と翼型羽根に影響を与えていく。


The characteristic of this device is a device that uses a neodymium magnet in a paddle type wind power device to enhance the power generation effect against low-speed wind.

Utilizing the special characteristics of the wings by the low-speed wind, use the thrust, lift, and buoyancy to rotate it with the low-speed windPrompt and transmit to a generator (linear motor) specially developed for this device to generate a small amount of powerlt is a system that charges the storage battery system and supplies power stably.

Unlike the propeller type power generator, the paddle type wind generator can effectively use the wind from above and below.Propeller-type power generators use sensors to direct wind in the direction of the wind but cannot pick up the windThere are cases where it cannot be used and the effect cannot be expected.

A standard wind power device may not be able to generate power unless the wind speed is 6 m or more.This device generates enough power from 3m or more and has no instability due to the wind direction. (Refer to the actual measurement data attached.)

The noise of wind noise and power operating noise that occurs during rotation is mostly due to the effect of neodymium magnets.No noise is generated.The rotating part has few moving parts of contact, and the deterioration time of wear etc. is slow. Compared with a standard device, the deterioration time is more than twice.Less is enough.

This device requires special airfoil blades and starts rotating by low-speed wind, and the wind flow is rotated to the next airfoil blade during is converted into force and continuously affects the wing blades one after another.Even if the wind is declining, rotation is difficult to stop because the frictional force is small due to the influence of the magnet.


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